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STOCK #332
GERMANY 15-02-2018

Euro screws in zinc plated steel

EURO SCREWS PAN HEAD ZINC PLATED STEEL HEAD (d1): 9,0 mm DIAMETER (d): 6,3 mm LENGHT (l): 19 mm QUANTITY: 115.000 PZ. PRICE: 0,49 € / 100
Stock Euroschrauben
STOCK #323
ITALY 03-11-2017

Spring pins, tapping screws, thread rolling screws, machine screws

Spring pins DIN 1481- UNI 6873 4X24 100.000 pcs. cod. 11SP0424 price € 0.0070 each   Tapping screws, cross recessed pan head, without point UNI 6954 - DIN 7981 2.2X4 zinc plated...
STOCK #313
GERMANY 14-07-2017

Hexagon screw according to DIN 931 / DIN 933 and DIN 933 / ISO 4014

Hexagon screw according to DIN 931 / DIN 933 and DIN 933 / ISO 4014 with zinc flake coating (CRVI and CRVI-free)
DIN 933, DIN 931
STOCK #312
ITALY 14-06-2017

Fasteners in steel and Nylon

Screws Nuts Washers Threaded rods Set screws Button head screws Bushes Spacers Plugs Knobs Canoe Clips   Stock list in the enclosed file.
Stock list
STOCK #310
GERMANY 24-02-2017

Hammer head bolts

Hammer head bolts in steel 8.8 and stainless steel A2-70 Sizes and quantities in the enclosed file
Stock list
STOCK #309
ITALY 02-02-2017

Self locking nuts DIN 980V, stainless steel

Prevailing torque type all-metal hexagon nuts DIN 980V M 12 Stainless steel A2 Pcs. 16.500   Prevailing torque type all-metal hexagon nuts DIN 980V M 10 Stainless steel A2 Pcs....
STOCK #308
ITALY 27-01-2017

Cage nuts M8 with wings

Cage nuts M8 with wings 2028-D 81.000 pcs made in Italy    PRICE: 0.02 €/each EXW code 41221 2128/21)     See enclosed file
Cage nut
STOCK #307
ITALY 24-01-2017

ISO 7380 Hexagon socket button head screws

Hexagon socket button head screws with flange ISO 7380-2 M 10 x 20 Stainless steel A4 Quantity: 4095 pcs.
STOCK #306
ITALY 24-01-2017

DIN 965 M6 x 30 in stainless steel A2

DIN 965 countersunk flat head screws with TORX T-30 M6 x 30 Stainless steel A2 600.000 pcs.
STOCK #304
CHINA 23-12-2016

Blind rivets in different materials

Blind rivets in different materials: SUS 304/420 SUS 304/304 MS/ZINC ALU/SUS   See the complete list enclosed
STOCK #296
NETHERLANDS 10-05-2016

Socket head cap screws DIN 912 8.8 and 10.9

Socket head cap screws DIN 912 Material: steel 8.8 and 10.9 Prices for 100 pcs. Packed in small boxes
STOCK #293
ITALY 18-04-2016

Flat Thread rolling dies

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