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Business for sale

Are you interested in acquiring or selling companies in the fastener field?
Are you looking for managers or qualified and experienced personnel?
Are you searching agents to increase your commercial network?, thanks to the cooperation with experts in the fields of mergers, acquisitions and personnel search, can really help you achieving your goals.
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Partnership search

Sales engineer seeking company/partnership for opening a warehouse in the province of Vicenza, Italy.

Twenty years' experience in the field of engineering, industrial supplies, screws, bolts, fasteners in general.

Importer and distributor of fasteners is considering to sell the company

Importer and distributor of standard and non standard fasteners with base in Romania, and branch in Spain, is considering to sell the company.

The company, with 11 years of experience in the European fastener market, has a turnover around 1 million EUR with around 300,000 EUR of net profits.

Range of products: screws with metric thread, drilling and self-tapping screws, nuts, washers, pins and studs, rivets, structural bolts, welding screws, foundation bolts, screws for rail, etc..

Materials: Steel: 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 - Stainless steel: A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 - Brass - Copper -Aluminum - Plastic, PVC, polyamide – ASTM

The 10 employees have several years of work experience and can speak good English. They know how to manage the business independently.

Indian manufacturer is looking for manufacturing companies to take over

Renowned Indian manufacturer in the field of industrial fixings is looking for manufacturing companies to take over, as a part of the strategy of external growth.

Main products of the company:

1) Metal fixings / anchors

2) Chemical fixings

3) Structural fasteners, construction fasteners

4) Wire ropes

5) Pipe clamps

The company is looking for European firms with a turnover up to 10M EURO

Manufacturer of construction screws is considering partial sale of company

Manufacturer of construction screws: drywall screws, self-tapping truss head screws, roofing and window screws, dowel nails, concrete screws, etc.

Product size: diameter from 3mm to –7mm, length 13mm – 205mm.

Annual production around 18000 tons of screws.

Annual turnover about 35-40 mln. USD.

Employees number: 650

The company, located in Central Asia, is looking for sources of financing for expansion projects and it is also considering partial sale of company shares/equity. 

Producer of blind rivets looking for manufacturer of clinch fasteners or plastic fasteners

Well known producer of blind rivets is looking to increase the business turnover and profitability by penetrating into new fastener segments (high end products).

They are considering investments or cooperation with European producers of clinch fasteners or plastic fasteners with existing and reliable commercial net.

Distributor of fasteners is looking for a buyer

Distributor of fasteners located in Italy (north-west) is looking for a buyer interested in taking over the company and continuing the business.

The company is small and distributes standard screws, but above all special screws and customised screws thanks to a well-established network of local suppliers.

The company is currently in financial difficulties due to the pandemic, but has the potential for economic recovery and growth. This is an interesting opportunity for people wishing to start a reasonably successful fastener business with a minimal investment.

Group specialised in the fixing field is looking for distribution companies to take over

European group specialised in the field of industrial fixings is looking for distribution companies to take over as part of a strategy of external growth.

Main products of the group:

  • Fixings for sheet metal: nuts, rivets, special parts
  • Fixings for plastics: inserts and all types of screws
  • Fixings for wood: self tapping bushings Hardware: screws, bolts, washers, bars, etc.
  • Manual and oleo-pneumatic tools

The company is looking for firms with a turnover ranging from 1 to 10 M €, active at national or international level, based in the following countries:

Priority Italy

Eastern Europe: Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Romania, Bosnia, Hungary, etc. Portugal (distribution with or without production)

Fastener distributor for sale

Fastener distributor from East Europe is for sale.

The company has now a turnover of 4.55 milion Euro (2019), profit before taxes around 450.000, stock around 800 k and 33 employes.

1 shop, 4 warehouses, (not of property), 1 showroom and sales agents.

The company is interested in a short evaluation and discussion for a partial or total change of ownership.

Indian manufacturer of bolts selling its activity.
Turnover: 4 million euros
The company has a 47-year experience in the Hot Forging Production (Manufacturing) of Bolts/Studs/Nuts/Anchor bolts for the oil and gas industry and is in the Approved Vendor / Manufacturer List of all Indian Companies and Foreign Companies in GCC.
Manufacturing range is from M12 to M150 (Equivalent in inches).