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Inquiries for screws, bolts, washers, nuts, fixing

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INQUIRY #13214
ITALY 27-01-2020

Screws 30x360 10.9

Hexagon head bolts uni 5737 30x360 10.9, plain pcs.1800
INQUIRY #13213
THAILAND 27-01-2020

Stone bolts hot dip galvanized

1. Stone Bolt (DIN 529 Type E) M36 x L1000 x T126mm. +2Nuts +1Washer (HDG.) 8 Sets. 2. Stone Bolt (DIN 529 Type E) M42 x L1060 x T147mm. +2Nuts +1Washer (HDG.) 8 ...
INQUIRY #13212
EGYPT 26-01-2020

Inch size fasteners

NUT,HEAVY HEX - 1-1/2-6UNC-2B PER ASME B18.2.2, 12 THREAD PER ASME B1.1, MATERIAL: GRADE 5 PER SAE J995, FINISH: LIGHT PROTECTIVE OIL -------------------------------- NUT,HEAVY HEX - 1-1/2-6UNC-2B...
INQUIRY #13211
SWITZERLAND 24-01-2020

Round head rivets DIN 124

Round head rivets DIN 124 plain steel 36-2 16 x 40 = 1'200/2'000 pcs. 16 x 42 = 1'200 pcs. 16 x 50 = 2'000 pcs. plain steel 20 x 60 = 200/500 pcs.
INQUIRY #13210
SLOVENIA 24-01-2020

High temperature screws

Screws suitable for temperature 600°C (Inconel or similar material) Hexagon head screws M16x65 mm ( + nut and plain washer) 30pcs Hexagon head screws M30x400 mm ( + nut and plain washer) 12pcs
INQUIRY #13209
HUNGARY 24-01-2020

Turnbuckles DIN 1480 M42

Turnbuckles DIN 1480, only the body M42 ZN 100 pcs. Delivry within 3 weeks.
INQUIRY #13208
SPAIN 24-01-2020

Zinc plated screws and nuts

Please quote price and delivery time for the following plated bolts and nuts. Items 1 to 4 must have 2.1 certificate. The rest must be 3.1 Item Qty Part no. Description Comment Certificate 1 1410 AS...
INQUIRY #13207
SWITZERLAND 24-01-2020

Pan head tapping screws with collar

Pan head tapping screws with collar BS 4174 4,8 x 16 = 200'000 pcs. Cr3 black zinc plated A2-S Packaging Cartons of 500 pieces Alternative cartons of 1000 pieces
INQUIRY #13206
EGYPT 23-01-2020

Hexagon nuts, Split pins, rivets

Company is looking for a supplier of the following products. Please offer your price list and information about available materials. Hexagon slotted castle nuts - metric coarse and fine pitch thread...
INQUIRY #13202
ITALY 22-01-2020

U-bolts square section

50 pcs. U-bolts square section 40X40 M12 steel zinc plated white 50 pcs. U-bolts square section 50X50 M12 steel zinc plated white 150 pcs. U-bolts square section 60X60 M14 steel zinc plated white...
INQUIRY #13201
MONGOLIA 22-01-2020

Stainless steel split cotter pin

Stainless steel split cotter pins 5mm x 100mm 1000 pcs.
INQUIRY #13200
EGYPT 21-01-2020

Slings and shackels

Eye slings and shackles European Made Details and qualtities following the enclosed file
INQUIRY #13199
ITALY 21-01-2020

Special screws in MONEL K500

Special Countersunk head screws, drawing in attachment Nominal thread diameter: 9,7mm; Thread: M6 Lenght: 19mm Thread Lenght: 11mm. Material MONEL K500 Thread: with socket cap 4mm X 3mm (it is...
INQUIRY #13198
CHILE 21-01-2020

Threaded studs A193 B7 and nuts 2H

Threaded Stud A193 B7 1.1/8"-8 x 8.1/2" 145 pcs. Hexagonal nuts 2H 1.1/8"-8 290 pcs. COATING STANDCOTE SC-1
INQUIRY #13197
PORTUGAL 21-01-2020

Security shear bolts A2

Security shear bolts, drawing in attachment Stainless steel A2 M6x25 5000 pcs.
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