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Inquiries for screws, bolts, washers, nuts, fixing

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INQUIRY #11748
ITALY 17-12-2018

Hexagon nuts in nickel plated brass

Hexagon nuts Nickel plated brass M12x1 Height 4mm Key 17 500 pcs.
INQUIRY #11747
CROATIA 14-12-2018

Retaining rings for bores

Retaining rings for bores N5001-156 2.000 pcs. N5001-162 2.000 pcs.
INQUIRY #11746
ITALY 14-12-2018

Slotted capstan screws UNI 6111

Slotted capstan screws UNI 6111 M6 x 20 steel, zinc plated 8.8 250 pcs. or minimum order quantity.
INQUIRY #11745
AZERBAIJAN 14-12-2018

Stud bolts and nuts ASTM A29

Stud bolts with nuts as per file in attachment ASTM A29/A29M
INQUIRY #11743
UCRAINA 13-12-2018

Set screws DIN 913 in A2

Socket set screws with flat point DIN 913 M16x35 Stainless steel A2 6000 pcs.
INQUIRY #11742
Lithuania 13-12-2018

Spring type slotted pins

Spring type slotted pins following the enclosed pictures 14x3mm with gap 0,5mm thickness 0,7mm Steel 5000 pcs.
INQUIRY #11740
ITALY 13-12-2018

Bolts ASTM A193 B7

Screw + Nut + Washer 7/8" 9 unc 5” (127 mm) Material ASTM A193/B7. 25 pcs.
INQUIRY #11739
VIETNAM 13-12-2018

Threaded studs with nuts in SS316

THREADED STUDS Stainless steel SS316 Metal end 2mm M12: 10 pcs. M10: 20 pcs. With two hexagon nuts
INQUIRY #11736
ITALY 12-12-2018

Screws, nuts, washers, studs

The required material will have to resist immersion in fuel, heat, oxidation. Please offer the most suitable material. pos. description qty 66 Hexagon flanged nut M8X1.25 2000 65 Washer 8.4ID 16ED...
Washer pos. 30
Washer pos. 60
TY-RAP pos. 1.5
INQUIRY #11735
GERMANY 12-12-2018

Screws ISO 7379 and DIN 912

Hexagon socket head shoulder screws ISO 7379 h8 6 -M5 x 10 ISO 7379 h8 6- M5 x 20 ISO 7379 h8 4 -M3 x 12 ISO 7379 h8 4- M3 x 20 Hexagon socket head cap screws DIN 912 8.8 plain or zinc plated 10 x...
INQUIRY #11732
GERMANY 11-12-2018

Aircraft fasteners

Screws, washers, nuts and inserts for the aircraft industry Inquiry as per file in attachment
INQUIRY #11731
GERMANY 11-12-2018

Washers DIN 125 and screws DIN 933

1.200.000 pcs. Flat washers DIN 125 Form A 8,4 Zinc plated steel 1.400.000 pcs. Hexagon head screws DIN 933 M8x16 Zinc plated steel 8.8 The items are required form calender week 11/19 Offer...
INQUIRY #11729
ITALY 10-12-2018

Screws M56X200 with nut

Hexagon head screws M56X200 ISO 4017 Pitch 4 zinc plated 4 pcs. and Nuts M56 zinc plated 4 pcs.
INQUIRY #11726
ARMENIA 07-12-2018

Aircraft and military fasteners

Aircraft and military fasteners as per file in attachment
INQUIRY #11725
MALTA 07-12-2018

Stainless steel threaded rods, nuts and washers

Threaded rods (studding) M30 length 1000 mm stainless steel 5950 pcs. Nuts M30 stainless steel 11 904 pcs. Same qty of washers
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