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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions | The portal for fasteners and fixing elements

What is is an online resource for fasteners and fixing elements. It is an interactive platform promoting the contact among fastener professionals through innovative and helpful tools (see also: Which services does offer?)
All the information provided by (companies, products,requests for quotation, etc..) are linked among them, allowing specific searches, focused results, useful and categorized information.
The data are daily updated to give always new information and an effective help for your Job.


Which services does offer?

SUPPLIERS SEARCH: In the categories (complete list) you can find the best suppliers for any kind of products as screws, bolts and fixing systems; the suppliers are categorised by country .

E-PROCUREMENT: The most important section of, a professional tool where the requests meet the offers. (see also: How does the e-procurement work?)

SURPLUS STOCK: Surplus stock is the service that allows you to find a buyer for the unsold goods you have on stock. (see also : How does the SURPLUS STOCK work?)

DISTRIBUTOR SEARCH: with this service you can find the right distributor to sell your products in the markets all over the worlds.

ADVERTISING: On you can advertise you activity with a multilingual professional page, with images, accurate descriptions of the product range and other useful information for potential customers. You can also publish personalized banners on the page of the portal
(see also: How to promote your activity through

NEWSLETTER: It allows you to reach professionals all over the world by sending a personalized message. The messages are sent to all the users of by email and then published in the news section

TECHNICAL DATA: a quick and useful system to check the technical data of the products.
Through a fast search tool you can search by norm, description or category. Pictures, drawings and technical tables with norm comparison (DIN, UNI, ISO etc...) are available. Each product is directly linked to the suppliers.


How does the e-procurement work?

This service gives you the possibility to publish your inquiries for screws, bolts and fixing systems free of charge. The staff of immediately check the inquiries (to avoid mistakes or incomplete details) and notify the right suppliers, who will be able to send their offers directly to the customers, with neither intermediaries nor commissions.


How does the SURPLUS STOCK work?

In the SURPLUS STOCK page you can find the list of offers published by the users, as for example the list of the items they have on stock. Anyone interested in these offers can contact directly (and for free) the advertisers.
Companies interested in making use of this service, to offer the items they have on stock, can publish the information in the page provided.


How to promote your activity through

On you can advertise your activity with a multilingual professional page, with descriptions and images; the page is linked to the product categories corresponding to your activity. When a user searches for a particular product, he will find the right suppliers with all the contact details.

To increase the visibility of your company you can also have personalized advertising banners ( staff will provide the graphic realization) published in each page of the portal.

You have the possibility to send a personalized newsletter as well, by which you can inform all the contacts of about your news and updates. is at your disposal for personalized proposals to meet your needs.