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Lederer is one of the most specialized European supplier of stainless steel fasteners, normed and standardized items, special parts by drawing and C-parts management.

More than 25,000 different articles directly from stock: screws, pins, nuts, rings, washers, made from stainless steel; standard and designed parts; DIN, EN, ISO, L(ederer) and other standards; special parts and special materials.

Company Profile

For more than 50 years, Lederer has been a responsible and family-run company with almost 200 employees and one of the leading suppliers of high-quality fasteners, drawing and special parts as well as efficient C-parts management.
In doing so, we act as a modern and flexible company with an eye on the changes in the industry and the challenges of the present and the future.

2021 was by far the year with the highest turnover so far in our more than 50-year company history. The total number of items sold, from the smallest micro-screw to a three-metre long threaded rod, from a plastic washer weighing only a tenth of a gram to a stainless steel eyebolt weighing 50 kg, was an impressive 1,609,103,384... on each working day in 2021, approximately 6.3 million items were shipped and delivered.

At the end of November 2021, Lederer GmbH was awarded the TOP 100 seal for special innovative strength and above-average innovation success of medium-sized companies. "A working environment with growth potential where employees feel comfortable", as the TOP 100 jury's assessment states.

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Product range

The more than 25.000 different articles in the Lederer delivery programme are assigned to four product area:

Normed and standardized parts made of stainless steel : from the traditional screws and nuts in thousands of individual models, through washers, retaining rings and keys in many versions, right up to bolts, split pins and rivets in just as many variations. Both the parts standardized in accordance with DIN or ISO and the non-standardized fastening elements (e.g. chipboard screws, mushroom head screws, washers) are available.

Special parts and special materials: There are hardly any limits to what you can request: in all diameter ranges and thread mouldings; in all materials accordind to the following Werkstoff Nr.1.4006 1.4016 1.4021 1.4034 1.4113 1.4329 1.4404 1.4435 1.4439 1.4462 1.4505 1.4529 1.4539 1.4541(A3) 1.4571(A5) 1.4580(A5) 1.4713 1.4724 1.4742 1.4828 1.4841 1.4864 1.4878 1.4923; in all product classes, with all surface treatments.

Not to be forgotten...

Additional to the standard range of stainless steel fasteners and special parts Lederer offers special industry solutions that are tailored to the requirements of the relevant branches. Among others, these include:

  • Buy buy, Captain: Maritime Assortment A total of 37 different product groups with more than 220 different items for land and sea, indoors and outdoors, house and garden, architecture and plant construction.


  • Firmly in place: C-parts to get you from A to B: Fasteners for railway engineering Lederer‘s railway engineering product spectrum provides all the elements that are required in secure assembly and long-term deployment: For Track and overhead contact line construction, bogies, superstructures and rail automation.


  • Full of energy and ready for business: Fasteners for solar technology The Lederer solar product spectrum supplies all of the elements that manufacturers and wholesalers are seeking for the safe assembly and long-lasting utilisation of photovoltaic and solar heat appliances.


  • Many other additions, such as stainless steel tools, Fischer dowels, selected SPAX range etc
LEDERER - Lederer receives award in TOP 100 innovation competition ...