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  • Eco-designed lubricants for cold heading operations on steel super alloys

    Posted in Industry 4.0, Lubricants on Dec 17, 2021

    CONDAT is an independent company with international presence, specialized in the field of industrial lubrication. Its lubricant range is recognized in metal working market, in particular for cold heading process. Concerned for the future, CONDAT is committed to a responsible approach and offers its customers technical solutions allowing them to reduce their impact on people and on the environment.

    LUBRISCORE®, a self-scoring system for eco-designed products

    Committed for many years to responsible performance, CONDAT is taking the lead by supplying the industry a greater readability on its eco-design lubricant offer. Its innovative self-scoring system Lubriscore® grants a number of stars to products showing a virtuous profile on life cycle criteria: Raw materials and design / Production / Transport / Use / End of life. The LUBRISCORE® rating is available for a wide range of CONDAT lubricants, including metalworking fluids and cold heading oils.

    EXTRUGLISS - Sustainable cold heading oil

    A 3 stars product: Extrugliss 268 WF


    EXTRUGLISS 268 WF has been designed for warm forming application to perform under high temperature (between 400°c to 650°c). Showing high performances, EXTRUGLISS 268 WF is also a dual-purpose oil. It has been specially formulated to provide both superior lubrication characteristics to machinery, as well as outstanding lubrication for your warm forming process. Used as dual purpose in your machines, it will prevent cross contamination to sustain the lubricant best performances longer and extend your sump life. A direct economy when it comes to oil change and oil destruction cost. EXTRUGLISS 268 WF is a vegetable-based oil that makes it possible to produce most difficult parts while increasing the efficiency of your machine and reducing your tooling budget. Its high flash point ensures lower smokes and reduces fire hazard. EXTRUGLISS 268 WF oil reduces impact on the environment and gives operators a friendly working environment. Thanks to its responsible formulation, this lubricant has been awarded 3 stars at the CONDAT LUBRISCORE®


    Author: CONDAT


    Posted in Award, Industry 4.0, Innovation, Lubricants on Nov 19, 2021

    Condat, international specialist in industrial lubricants for more than 165 years, has obtained the "Platinum" level recognition on the EcoVadis Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platform. With this result, Condat is now part of the TOP 1% of the best rated companies in the world by EcoVadis.

    CONDAT_certifie platinum ECOVADIS.jpg

    Committed to responsible performance

    Initiated several decades ago, Condat's responsible commitment is based on one of the Group's core values: BUILD TO LAST. Guided by this historical value, the company has been pursuing a long-term strategy since 1854 that contributes greatly to its longevity. Condat is thus one of the precursors of the development of industrial lubricants with reduced environmental impact, and launched more than 20 years ago its first biodegradable lubricants. Anchored in strong human values, the family group is structured around an assertive social policy.

    In 2018, Condat went further in its CSR approach by joining the international EcoVadis platform. Its CSR performance is evaluated each year by an independent body according to 21 criteria divided into 4 themes: Environment – HR and Human Rights – Business Ethics – Responsible Purchasing. These CSR assessments are based on authentic evidence and are internationally recognised. Initially silver, Condat progresses until obtaining in October 2021 the 'Platinum' level, the highest distinction awarded by EcoVadis.

    The company's objective is to reduce its ecological footprint and guide its organization towards sustainable value creation that takes into account social and environmental issues. It integrates, among other things, the Sustainable Development Goals at each stage of the life of its products, as evidenced by its unique system of self-evaluation of its eco-designed offer: the Lubriscore®. Condat also wants to influence its entire value chain, and relies on a collective of women and men involved to support customers and partners towards responsible performance, in a spirit of co-development.

    An award for the entire Condat Group

    The Platinum medal was awarded by EcoVadis to all the subsidiaries of the Condat Group. Indeed, if the group exists since 1854 in France, it has gradually developed internationally to favor customer proximity, with locations in the United States, China and Brazil. The group then diversified into the Health-Beauty market, through Laboratories specializing in the manufacture and distribution of organic and natural products (Laboratoires BEA and Sicobel) which today offer different ranges of cosmetic products (Brands BcomBio, Placentor...) and other products (Brands Green Tribu, Solens ...) dedicated to well-being through a varied offer open to the greatest number.

    Author: Nathalie VIDAL CONDAT Communication Manager

  • CONDAT launches the LUBRISCORE®

    Posted in Coatings and treatments, Innovation, Lubricants on Feb 17, 2021

    CONDAT is taking the lead by supplying the industry greater readability on its eco-design lubricant offer. Its innovative self-scoring Lubriscore®...

  • CONDAT acquires KEMNO

    Posted in Acquisitions on Oct 02, 2020

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