Quarter-turns are used as a latching mechanism in numerous applications. They generally consist of a housing, insert, nut, locking tongue and a screw for mounting the individual parts. DIRAK GmbH, a manufacturer of latch, hinge and fastening technology, offers different variants of quarter-turns, for example as compression quarter-turns with especially high vibration resistance, cylinder quarter-turns, and quarter-turns for padlock, in different materials including polyamide, stainless steel and die-cast zinc. Individual components can be added to the standard version of the quarter-turn. For example special seals, grounding clips and other elements are available for special requirements.

High standards for locking systems
In application areas where foreign matter such as dust or water could penetrate the surrounding housing with high pressure, the locking system must be able to withstand these forces. This applies for example to applications in stone quarries or for transport trucks that drive through puddles at high speed. A standard quarter-turn sealed with an O-ring is often not sufficient in these cases, with the result that water under pressure enters the latch. To prevent scenarios of this kind, DIRAK GmbH has developed a special variant of the quarter-turn with stainless steel wing knob insert.

Encased quarter-turn with wing knob insert as the solution
The special feature of this quarter-turn is that unlike a normal quarter-turn with wing knob insert, neither water nor dust can penetrate into the cutout of the housing. This is prevented by enclosing the housing with a collar that covers the area between the housing and the wing knob. The quarter-turn can be mounted in two versions: The variant without cylinder meets the requirements of protection rating IP66. With the cylinder included with delivery, the quarter-turn meets the requirements of IP65 in accordance with DIN EN 60529.

Since the quarter-turn is made of stainless steel, it is suitable beyond the applications mentioned above for salt water applications as well and may be used in ship building. A grounding nut, also made of stainless steel, diverts current by equalizing potentials between the door and the quarter-turn.

The wing knob insert also works without a key so that anyone can operate the quarter-turn. The latch is controlled by the offset of the tongue. The quarter-turn can be used on either the right or left side and can be installed premounted.

Author: Julia Hückinghaus (Marketing Communications Assistant, DIRAK GmbH)

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