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Berdan Cıvata Somun Makine Yd.Prc.San. & Laboratuar Hizm.AS.

logo Berdan Cıvata Somun Makine Yd.Prc.San. & Laboratuar Hizm.AS.

Tarsus-Mersin Industrial Zone, 5th Avenue No: 6 | 33540 | TARSUS (Mersin) | TURKEY | VAT: 1650281958

Tel: + 90 324 676 44 90 /3
Fax: + 90 324 676 4493
Contact: Dilay Semsi

Turnover (in millions euro): from 15 to 20 - Employees number: from 200 to 300

Certifications: ISO 9001:2000

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Company Profile

Berdan Makina Bolt, Nut, and Studbolt Manufacturing and Trading Company with its 30 years of exprience, produces bolts, nuts, studbolts etc. for rafineries and petrohemical plants, auto industry, energy transfer lines, heavy constructional equipments and many other industries.

Production Range

High Tensile Bolts, Nuts,...
Steel Bolts, Nuts, Studbolts
Body Grinded Bolts for...
Hex. head fasteners
Hot Dip Galvanized Bolts for...
Bolts, Nuts, Studbolts for...
Track Master Bolts, and Bolts...

In Berdan Makina, all kind of nuts and bolts are produced according to various norms or special requirements for customers in different qualities between 4.6 - 12.9 with cold or hot forging or other technologies. The products can be hot dip galvanized or phosphate coated.

Not to be forgotten...

The company has recently moved to its new factory in TARSUS - MERSIN Industrial Zone and aims to demonstrate its quality by receiving ISO 9000 Certificate.

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